Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Yukk Berkenalan Yukk :)

1. Well, what's your name ?
     syaa or mimieyy

2. Do you go to school ?
    no lahh , saya sudah college :)

3. Are you thirsty ?
    yes , penat berjalan.

4. It is past you bed time ?

5. What should you be doing right now ?
     breakfast :)

6. What color are you nails painted ?
     no color. original :)

7. Do you have a dog ?
    ofcourse no. anjinggg tu HARAM :D

8. Where is you cell phone ?
    ada ni haa. di sebelah ku. HAHA :)

9. How's your hair?
    panjang. tapi rambut depan burokk :(

10. Do you smile often ?
      yes, haha :D

11. Last thing you ate?
      char kuew tiaw, dinner semalam. HAHA :)

12. Do you have a scooter?
      not yet. pinjam abang saya punya jelaa. nak KERETA :)

13. When was last time you got in trouble?
       2day ago :(

14. where is your mum?
       at house .

15. Did you answer ''idk'' ?
      yes, of course :D

16. Are you mad anyone now? who?
      no. pagi masih muda. hee :)

17. What is you current mood?
       happy, moody, cheerfull, sad :)

18. Are you typically a jealous person?
      yes, i'm

19. What's your full name?
       Syamimi Surya

20. What a television you never miss?
       Sinetron Indonesia. kejora&bintang, safa&marwah. haha :)

21. Are you young or old?
      ofcourse i young :))

22. Matter of facts, how old you?
      nineteen :)

23. What's the gender?
       male , haha . mesti lah female :D

24. Are you popular or totally nerd?
      popular plus plus nerd :)

25. Are you single, take or flirting?
      taken :)

26. Are you virgin?
      yes. tentulahh . tak sabar pulak nak kawin ni. haha :D

27. Do you have a cell phone?
      ofcourse ada lahh :D

DONE  :)